Can You Lose Weight By Drinking Green Tea?

Does drinking green tea help you lose weight? Asian women are believed to be more svelte and slim because of the effects of green tea. The Chinese have used it not only for medicinal and wellness functions but also for its dietary components as well.

Based on a study printed in the International Journal of Obesity, it’s said that the green tea extract burns more calories and fat that’s desired to slim down. Said to raise thermogenesis (the body’s heat production as a consequence of digestion absorption as well as the metabolism of food), it’s regarded as a useful weight loss guide as it also slows down the body’s ability to store fat and sugars. Even guys are thought to profit from it, as this same study shows that men are also as likely as girls to shed weight via this tea.

Health benefits range from as simple as keeping in check and normalizing blood pressure to lowering the risk of cancer. It reduces a host of other things: the risk of heart ailments and heart attacks, esophageal cancer and other debilitating cancers. It is said to be utilized as a treatment for some illnesses, for example, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular diseases. Taking green tea also lowers cholesterol levels and helps stabilize diabetes. It also has vitamin E content, which keeps skin acne-free and slows down the aging process.

Additionally, mental alertness is considered a benefit because of its caffeine content – which means that you can reduce your daily caffeine fix by substituting it to coffee. (This can replace coffee, and in fact, is used by some Hollywood celebs as alternatives to it.) And believe it or not, research shows that regular drinking of green tea has fluoride, which kills the bacteria that causes plaque, resulting in a less likelihood of creating tooth decay.

Plus, all teas have caffeine but are not greater in comparison to coffee. Use full-leaf if you can as this releases caffeine slower than your standard tea bags for those who own a choice. Soak tea in a cup of boiling water. Let it steep for 10 minutes. Don’t let it steep for too long or the tea may get bitter.

Green tea, working as a dietary supplement, might seem like a good health drink. It has weight loss health benefits and in reality, it is. But if you remain passive and stagnant with regards to your lifestyle, then it is moot to drink barrels of the tea. Should you join it with a healthy diet along with the proper exercise, in fact, the effects of the tea will be better seen. Wouldn’t you want to wear your clothes as if you were 18 again? Drink green tea. It is the best tea out there.