At What Age Do Wrinkles Start Appearing? 


A wrinkle in the corner of the eye or across the mouth is the first sign of aging and could appear at any age. But graceful aging could be achieved by changing the lifestyle and the eating habits. Mild wrinkles are usually responded to with little care, while the deeper ones require more. The aging process is unavoidable, but the real measures can reduce and prevent the return of wrinkles.

wrinkles on faceAs the skin is made of soft tissues and it wants natural and mild treatment. The lovely, supple and glowing skin is not allowed for the wealthy and famous, and the appearance of wrinkles could be reduced and reversed at any given age.

The most effective approach to reducing wrinkles and keeping the skin flawless for years will be to limit the sunlight exposure, quit smoking, take a nutritious diet, perform massage or facial exercises, control the expressions and regularly use a face cover. The guys are unsure, but they also can prevent or remove wrinkles.

Other Causes of Wrinkles

With aging, the outer part of the skin starts becoming thin and inelastic, and the lines occur.  Humans lose about 10% of the epidermal layer thickness in 10 years. The little generation of oil also makes wrinkles are caused by the skin drier. They’re caused by frequent changes of skin in old age or genetic reasons.

Other reasons include pollutants in the atmosphere, accumulation of toxins in the body, worry, mental tension, anxiety, prolonged sickness, dirty skin, too much exposure to sunlight, lack of nutrients, sudden weight reduction and less consumption of water.

Except for the first reason, the other causes could be efficiently manipulated, because all the wrinkles aren’t caused due to aging, but by lifestyle variables.

Why Are Wrinkles Formed?

The skin remains flexible but firm because of a fiber-like protein known as collagen. It is given a spring-like elasticity by another protein referred to as elastin.

But the cells that produce these materials become fewer with aging and less productive. The skin becomes weak and loses tone because of protein deficiency. The small production of oil can dry the skin, and the wrinkles and sags begin to appear due to the cushions of fats of the skin surface layers becoming thin and loose.

The inflammation-causing free radicals have an effect on which instances wrinkles and the production of collagen and elastin. Enzymes that consume collagen are released when skin cells perform specific functions. People sometimes get collagen injections to make up for this, but these can cause nerve damage or alternative complications and are costly.


The following three strategies will help you reduce wrinkles caused by the aging process of your skin.

Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking increases the number of wrinkles on the face and body and is the principal source of skin aging. It increases free radicals in the body and makes the skin thinner since it removes oxygen and nutrients from the cells. Premature wrinkles are proportional to the number of smokes you take as well as the years of smoking. The creases are created by the act of smoking around the mouth that finally become permanent wrinkles. By ceasing the habit, further damage may be prevented.

Use Sunblock

The daily usage of a broad-spectrum sunblock gives protection from both UVB and UVA rays. The natural cosmetic products, creams or moisturizers including sunscreen, shield against skin cancer, prevent the formation of new wrinkles and cure the old ones.

The vitamin E  in some sunscreens can catalyze the production of collagen, which makes the skin barrier firmer.

Avoid Over-Exposure to Sunlight

The sun exposure is the primary and the more critical cause compared to the heredity factor for aging and wrinkles. Remain inside and avoid sunbathing between 11 AM to 3 PM when the sun is the most severe. Always stay in shades at this time when it is cloudy or even in winters.

Other sources of UV light and the tanning beds raise the appearance of wrinkles. The tanning booths are considerably worse than the sun. Keep in mind the UV rays of the sun drain the natural skin beauty, cause skin aging and wrinkles on the exposed skin surfaces.